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Top 3 E-Commerce Trends That Will Drive Sales in 2019.

Interactive Product Visualization- Most would agree that when it comes to online shopping, illuminating visualization is the best way for merchants and marketers to present their products to consumers, so they can study every detail and make an informed purchase decision without regretting it afterward.

Consequently, the seamless zoom feature has become very popular lately, as it allows customers to zoom in on certain details to get a better feel for the product without actually touching it.

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3D imaging is another option, and it is often the best choice from a visual perspective. American Greetings, Nellaiseo a creator and manufacturer of social expression products and e-greetings, looked at every visualization option and, in addition to high-quality photos, now also presents site visitors with 3D images.

Increased customer engagement is not the only benefit of 3D product imaging, as it also boosts metrics that are far more tangible, with conversion rate being a prime example.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions- As of now, there's little to no doubt that the future of e-commerce lies with artificial intelligence. From personalized 3D avatars and virtual fashion advisors for increased interactivity, to AI-gathered never-seen-before data for boosting sales, AI is at the helm of an e-commerce revolution.

With the help of AI, though, such an experience is closer than ever. The Echo Look, Amazon's pilot of a "fashion assistant," recently was introduced in the U.S. to a limited audience.

Virtual fashion assistants still have a long way to go, but what was considered fiction just a few years ago now is becoming very real.

AI analytics tools of 2019 will be able to track the way potential customers interact with product imagery embedded into retailers' websites, whether 2D or 3D images, and present the most telling metrics on a heat map. Apart from dwell time, the tool will highlight points of customer interest and the best angles for thumbnail product positioning.

Renaissance of Physical Stores- It is true that when it comes to the future of e-commerce the only direction that retailers want to go is forward, and brick-and-mortar stores seem to be a thing of the past.

Yet for some consumers, nothing e-commerce has to offer can quite measure up to the physical in-store experience. In fact, leading global retailers like Amazon and Alibaba now are experimenting with the newly revived power of hands-on shopping.

In fact, Amazon recently opened a new retail store in New York offers a range of products that have four stars in their customer reviews. The items selected are bestsellers and directly reflect what customers are buying.

Alibaba Group also seems to believe in the renaissance of physical stores, as it recently debuted its first Fashion AI concept boutique in Hong Kong.



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