Online Election Campaign Promotion

Effective Election Campaign Promotion Through Social Media

Bulk SMS Promotion

Bulk sms promotion is the effective way to reach the voters directly into their mobile phones. A candidate can reach thousands of voters in their constituency with just one click.

Facebook Promotion

As we all know mobile revolution gave boost to the use of social media all over the country. Facebook or social media promotion is the best way to deliver your voice effectively to the voters of any region . Attractive images with party slogans will help boost your election campaign.

Whatsapp Message Promotion

Whatsapp has become necessity in daily life.A candidate can deliver his message to large number of people (individual or groups) using whatsapp msg services. we will help you in promotion through whatsapp msg.

Website Promotion

Website is also an effective way to deliver your voice . we can use different pages to manage different sections like candidate profile, previous work record, manifesto, contact details, etc. you just have to send website address and everyone can get the complete information about the candidate.

Voice Message Promotion

Voice Message can be delivered to number of voters in any constituency using the voice of candidate with message. This is the effective way to promote the campaign using phone calls.

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