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Withs Technosolutions does not hold any responsibility for any Products / Services on any of their Customer's websites. We at Withs Technosolutions tries our best not to work with any antisocial or illegal person/organization/ group. Some of our products / websites have the feature that customers can easily update the content on them. If any of our customers tries to show/ sell the illegal, harmful, antisocial, anti national services / products without the knowledge of Withs Technosolutions, we will not be responsible for such offence. however when it comes to our knowledge, we are free to take action against it.

We do not take responsibility for any kind of content (i.e. text or images ) on any of our client's websites. We only design and develop the website , content on the website is totally the client's responsibility.

Service agreement breach-

After the development of the website , if any of our clients asks for the access of code we provide the complete access with the terms and conditions that we won't be responsible for any mishappening with the website and content copyright related issues after sharing the code . Clients/customers are free to share the code with other vendors however we won't be liable for any legal/ copyright issues for the work, editing , updating or other actions taken by them.